10 Mean Things to say to Your Ex

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We all have that someone we feel like deserves the worst shit the world can possibly give them. Okay, maybe that’s too harsh. But if it happens that you find yourself bothered by someone you wish had died (oops) a long time ago, here is a list of 10 mean things you can say to them:

  1. You were just a phase. Some people choose drugs to mess up their lives, I chose you.
  2. Do you even have balls?
  3. Your mother wanted to abort you.
  4. The person you are looking for does not exist, you will die alone.
  5. I was doing you a favour.
  6. I faked all the orgasms
  7. I like your sister/brother
  8. I achieved more things after you left.
  9. Thanks for the lesson (This not really mean)
  10. You deserve the worst possible shit the world can ever give you.

On the real though, NEVER SAY THESE THINGS, just move on.


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