Today In History: SA Rejoins the Commonwealth

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Because of South Africa’s policy of Apartheid and the opposition by other African countries ,it was clear to then South African Prime Minister, Dr H.F. Verwoerd that the  request to remain within the British Commonwealth would not be granted leading to Verwoerd withdrawing South Africa’s application for membership “in the interests of South Africa’s honour and dignity”

South Africa rejoined the Commonwealth on the 1st of June 1994.

“The Commonwealth was proud to have been so closely associated with the cause of ending apartheid, for which Nelson Mandela sacrificed so many years of his life in prison. South Africa’s return to the Commonwealth family – under Mr Mandela’s leadership in 1994 – was a moment of joy and vindication, and one which has greatly enriched our association” – Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma in a speech that marked the 20 year anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release from incarceration.



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