Young, Gifted & Tired!

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I sat and wondered to myself as I constantly find myself in the busy streets of life. If anything, those who know me will tell you just how I can’t rest. Trust me I tried, but it’s just not happening.

Why? ?

While those around me keeps telling me to go to the doctor and get checked up cause sooner or later I may crush, can I just try to finish this last bit of work, I promise you it won’t take long…?

5 hours later, it’s not even done.

Why are we torturing ourselves like this?

Apparently in China, people just collapse due to the overworked mental state, which is scary, considering how everyone is overworked and tired.

R.I.P. to you all!

Half the time, we don’t even know why we’re in this deep end, no one knows, we are just as is. Busy.

We are, workaholics, the 4-hour sleepers, the ‘let’s me just handle this really quick’ and never resting until a depression hits, only then do we wake up.


I kept asking myself as I noticed that all of us are yawning, craving a mini nap straight after a weekend and also, why don’t office’s come with beds? ?

Nonetheless rest assured for now, I’m here to tell you a little secret.

Here’s a little write up for me, you, and those of you who’ve worked harder than anyone else. This is for the young, gifted & tired.

We’re Scared!

I am scared, fear drives me but, I see it in everyone else. Deep down, each one of us has deepest fear that chills while raging.

This fear has been long been buried down our subconscious.

We fear we are gonna be like our parents.

We fear our kids may be like us.

We fear dying as ‘nothings’ like ‘those’ grandmothers and uncles who died with no special recognition, may their souls also Rest In Peace! ?

We Hate Letting Ourselves, and Others Down

We are not going to let the next generation look down on us. Tired, worn out, and depressed as we are, we push harder than ever. And yes, we walk around with our red eyes with no sign of sleeping trust me, we’re fine.

The game is rigged, locks to the future doors keep changing but hey, one has to work 10 times harder.

We’re out in the mud, fighting for those handfuls of dust. Always late for work, countless taxis rides, and being stuck on a train seriously, we’re doing just fine.

We be lonely and low key miserable. We’re drunkards at heart and mentally depressed. We’re smoking the green just to get by, we’re fine!

We’re still Hopeful, and it’s killing us!

To us, unlike those who’ve given up the fight, we’re fine with this because we believe in the better future. Our sure way to make it better is by unfortunately working harder and harder.

We can see it, the promise land, one more push, a few more steps and we won’t have to worry about being like our parents. We won’t fear for our kids or dying as ‘nothings’ like ‘those’ grandmothers and uncles who died with no special recognition.

So to the one holding onto a dream, hold on.

To the one starting a business, keep pushing, the future needs you.

To those working hard to support others, do it with your purest heart, for even if they don’t even thank you, at least you’ve done your best.

In the immortal ‘paraphrased’ words of Bonang Matheba, we shall be the sacrificial lambs so that those who come afterwards, our sons and daughters don’t have to go through what we’ve gone through.

Happy Monday #MondayMotivation



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