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The 20th of April may just be a regular day to most but to cannabis users all over the world it is a day to celebrate the popular and somewhat “accepted” substance. It comes from the actual time 16:20 which is known as the best time to smoke weed.

Marijuana is a substance that has received a lot of criticism in previous decades with social stigmas suggesting that usage of marijuana results in becoming mentally slow, unmotivated, and lazy as well as gateway drug to harder, more dangerous substances like cocaine and heroin which gave the plant negative connotations. The facts about marijuana however greatly contradict these characteristics society as associated with it. According to a study done by Carleton University last year, moderate marijuana smokers are more likely to have higher IQs; it is also physically impossible to overdose on marijuana. Over 160+ million people around the world smoke marijuana, there has been no reported deaths from marijuana usage ever and it is the most used illegal drug in the world.

It doesn’t stop there, it is also known that marijuana has numerous health benefits such as treating glaucoma, treating chronic pain, muscle spasms, controlling epileptic seizures, halts the spreading of cancer cells, decreases anxiety, eases sclerosis pain & even slows down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Due to the advancement of technology and independent research, stereotypes about marijuana are getting debunked daily and more and more people and countries are becoming more open to the substance.

Visuals By: @mannamaurice

Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Argentina, the Netherlands, Uruguay, Washington DC, Washington State, Russia and recently Lesotho, all these nations and states have legalised marijuana in their nations, some fully and others to certain extents but more and more are joining this revolution, even North Korea, that’s right, North Korea, the same country where your hairstyles are regulated by police and you’re not allowed to leave, allow usage of marijuana. In South Africa, usage of marijuana in your own home is perfectly legal.

Stars like Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen, Wiz Khalifia, Miley Cyrus, Danny Glover, Jack Nicholson and many others have endorsed marijuana and the movement just continues to keep growing. With numerous parties and events happening around the city and the world, it is safe to say today, the world is just green. What are your thoughts? Do you think marijuana should be a legal substance? Find us on twitter.


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