“Student toolkit”


Mobile phones have become integral parts of our lives and that is empowered by the applications we each have installed in them. Now, everyone uses these small but powerful programs differently and to suit their own needs but there are a few that a collective of people should always have. We are here to tell you about 5 apps that every student should have.

  1. Merriam Webster Dictionary

How often do you find yourself confused by that cocky lecturer who always uses big words assuming that you all get him? Well, no more. Get yourself the Merriam Webster Dictionary. It is a nicely constructed app with vocabulary games and a word of the day notification feature.

Side note: The Oxford Dictionary is cool too.

  1. Google Drive

Cloud storage – maybe you prefer Dropbox or One Drive. This can always help you access your files anywhere and anytime with a working internet connection. Don’t lose your notes again.

  1. Play Books/iBooks

It is amazing how many books you can download for free on Googleplay and through the iBooks app. You can find the classics for free and that can be very helpful for the English major students. No need to cough up all your money. We understand that books are expensive and THE FEES HAVE NOT REALLY FALLEN.

  1. Tiny Scanner

Students are always scanning something and that can be very expensive. You know NSFAS and their never ending document requirements.  Like we mentioned above, the fees have not really fallen so one has to save as much as they can. Tiny Scanner can help you scan your documents using your phone and quickly turn them into PDFs. Dope, right?

  1. Twitter

Twitter? Yes, Twitter. Twitter is a social platform but it can keep you informed.

Movements such as the #FeesMustFall were powered by Twitter.

Hope you found this helpful. There are a lot of apps specifically made for students so don’t be shy, browse the app stores. Welcome back from the holidays!