5 Reasons Why Success Has Almost Nothing to Do With Skill

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Do you agree that ambition and discipline matter far more than talent when it comes to achievement? I ask because life has proven many times that being skilled does not guarantee success.

Sure, highly successful people have various skills that some of us don’t. But the ones that stand out also possess perseverance and passion. Success is not just about being a visionary or being technically proficient in a certain area. It’s about digging deep and having the drive to push forward. It’s about having an unwavering attitude that failure is not an option.

As an entrepreneur, I can assure you that whatever “success” I have experienced did not come from being an expert in some particular area. I made a decision to do whatever needed to be done and put in place a plan to make sure I was always moving forward.

According to Brent Gleeson – Inc.com contributor, experience, success has more to do with drive than skill. Here’s why.

  1. Skill doesn’t guarantee outcome. The world is full of highly skilled individuals who have done very little. When running a business, building a startup, or leading a team, the skills you need to fulfill your day-to-day responsibilities take you only so far. You need drive and discipline to do the rest.
  2. Skill doesn’t create opportunities. Opportunities aren’t gifts; they are created. By you. I hear people complain all the time that other people have had better opportunities or that they have just been unlucky. What I hear are excuses. In business, opportunities and luck are a result of hard work. Plain and simple.
  3. Skill doesn’t limit failure. The path to success is paved with failure. You will fail time and again, but if you look at those experiences as learning opportunities, you will start to fail less as you mature.
  4. Skill doesn’t remove obstacles. It doesn’t matter how proficient you are at your trade. Obstacles are inevitable. New roadblocks will arise daily. It’s about how you negotiate these obstructions and proactively adapt your plan. Preparation is far more important than planning. Planning doesn’t ensure that obstacles won’t arise. But preparation allows you the ability to be ready when they do.
  5. Skill doesn’t create intuition. Some might call it street smarts. Harry S. Truman once said, “The ‘C’ students run the world.” Thank the Lord! There is hope for me still. Book smarts take you to one level and can create certain opportunities, but they don’t take you all the way. Sometimes intuition and going with your gut on even critical decisions are what’s necessary. Doing so creates forward motion and eliminates analysis paralysis.

In closing, keep in mind that skill alone is not enough but hard work, perseverance and being unaccepting of failure is what will lead to success.


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