Aint No Such Thing as an Ugly Billionaire

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If you listened to Jay Z’s Family Feud, you probably heard the line, “Aint no such thing as an ugly billionaire, I am cute,” a very bold statement indeed. Also, there is a chance that you once Googled something along the lines of “The richest musician…” and you were flooded will lists of millionaires and (probably) billionaires. It seems like a common goal for everyone. Everyone wants to be a millionaire or the extreme version – billionaire. Imagine being the richest man in there world. What would you do? I would buy everyone in the world a coke.

It is fun to talk about billionaires, being rich, or probably Jay Z’s lyrics but let’s, for a second, talk about the number, BILLION. Take a moment and think about this number. It is very hard to really wrap your head around how big this number is. In his book, How to Build The Next Billion Dollar App, George Berkowski states that the number billion is a relatively modern number. It was not used very much in ancient time. As matter of fact, ancient people where okay referring to things as “a little” and “ a lot” instead of referring to the specific number until the invention of numbers. There were no millionaires and billionaires. Actually, it was not until 1916 that the world was first introduced to a billionaire, John D. Rockefeller. Fascinating, isn’t it? There’s more, below is a list of amazing facts about the number billion:

  1. The world first hit 1 Billion In 1804
  2. In 2012, Facebook hit 1 Billion users

That means at the time, Facebook reached 1 out of 7 people in the world.

  1. If you were to rewind time 1 Billion hours, you’d end up in the stone age
  2. There is about a billion bacteria cells in a teaspoon of soil
  3. A gigabyte is about one billion bytes

We normally just throw around the number without really thinking about it. Nevertheless, if you one of the people who wish to be billionaires someday, I say, in the spirit of Mandela, go for it. We are living in the age of greatness. With information right on your fingertips, there is nothing you cannot achieve. HAPPY MANDELA DAY!!


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