Always a Winner

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The year is almost over and so far it has been one of the most challenging years I have been through.

I like challenges but there is a part of it that I do not approve of: losing. My deepest fear has to be losing. I hate losing. It terrifies me. It is scary, uncool – the worst thing ever, actually.
You can’t brag about this.

I have lost a lot and won a lot (Well). If there is anything I would prefer in this world it would be not to lose. Leonardo Dicaprio says there is no nobility in poverty, so goes the same for losing.
Who brags about losing? Nobody!

In fact, when 2016 was showing all of us its colours I started researching the art of not losing. Imagine.

Instead of focusing my energy on my success, my life and everything – I am worried about such things. That’s just how paranoid I am about losing, and I do suspect I might be doing it wrong. A story for another day. Be that as it may, 2016 may have been great or worse if you were unlucky. But there is always a take away lesson from all of this: everything in life is a fight.

Everything is in life is a struggle. Even if you are successful, rich and untouchable, battles exist at each and every level and we ought to fight relentlessly. We ought to persist. To never give up, on us, on our dreams and the ones we love. We must never take anything for granted nor grow content. If you fail at this, you lose at this thing we call life.

The scary thing is that the world is designed not to tolerate such ‘fights’, the never giving up, the persisting and the pushing forward. But, in all of that, if you decide not to fight on, you die. If you do not live to fight for your dreams, your job and your people you are as those who are six feet under.

This is what scares me the most.
The world is designed to kill the spark that ignites life in others.
The world is designed to kill the little bit of hope that keeps others alive.
The world is designed to kill Love. Passion. Desire. Drive. Ambition.

What happens when you lose passion for your profession? Just think about. One day you wake up and poof, the fire is gone inside of you. I’d be terrified.
Tupac says you don’t ever get to see a grown ass man up in the street fighting for things, rights, fees must fall, and salary increments. This is because their soul, the fire, the passion, the desire has been taken out.
What’s left of is an empty shell that occupies space and breathes in the air and drinks water.
If there is one thing you must never lose. Is your Love, the passion. Desire. Drive. Ambition.
Fight for it, your dream, your better half – love them until they go insane.
Never let it die. Ignite. Speak fire into your dreams. Speak fire into others. Speak fire into your life for when you do that, you ignite the very same Love, same passion, desire, drive, ambition in whoever surrounds you.

The good thing is that all of these actions, like a boomerang – bounce back. The very same thing you do unto others will come back to you, twice as much.



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With over 7 years industry experience, from agency, to production of visual media to broadcast – Nelson is constantly striving to enforce a high quality approach to business and how we influence people.

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