Human beings are multifaceted species in nature. We hold diverse viewpoints, beliefs and appreciate dissimilar things. Our perception of what is considered beautiful varies but one thing we agree upon is our appreciation of Art. We get a sense of pleasure from different artforms. This pleasure drives us to be more optimistic about life. Art sustains culture, through sounds and dance, ideas are passed from one generation to the next.

Art provides a platform for artistic personalities to address political concerns,educate the public and narrate our stories as a nation. Societal issues are dealt with in caution and sensitivity through Art. Artists play a crucial role in shaping the society  through their ability to produce artworks  that ensure peace, solidarity, and social cohesion. Artists are visionaries, they influence future trends and lifestyle choices.

Although Art is more personal to the person who produces it, the influence it has on the person who appreciates it, is more potent. It has the abiltity  to change ones perspective,attitudes and beliefs. Art inspires change. Artists should be more instrumental when producing art because their roles and impact are privotal,not only to themselves but also in the society.