Are you really social media savvy?


Many individuals and business owners are still shying away from taking the plunge because social media can be just that, overwhelmingly deep. Today’s consumers are connecting on social media using their phones, tablets, laptops and every other type of web-connected display. Guess what? You need to be there. It’s time to start building new relationships with customers and prospects. You have an opportunity waiting for you where you can carve out a chunk of your market using the power of social media!

Here are three top tips that can help you become more socially savvy…

Lead with value – Provide customer focused content that will keep them coming back. What do your customers want/like to know?

Listen and respond – This is crucial to managing your reputation. How quickly and well do you respond to complaints?

Engage – People buy people not products so be sure to keep your conversations authentic and regular

Richard Branson once said “If you’re an entrepreneur and you don’t have a social media presence, your company is at a competitive disadvantage.” Social media can be intimidating if you’re not familiar with the techniques, tools, and platforms.But, if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to become more social media savvy in no time.