I am Woman, Creator of World

The Law Abiding Citizen In the movie, The Law Abiding Citizen(2009), Gerard Butler plays a character who watches, helplessly, as

mandela 1994

Today In History: SA Rejoins the Commonwealth

Because of South Africa’s policy of Apartheid and the opposition by other African countries ,it was clear to then South


Today in History: Nkosi Johnson – An Activist

“Care for us and accept us — we are all human beings. We are normal. We have hands. We have feet.


10 Hilarious Creative Poses with Statues

New ideas are always around the corner for creative people and some of them will make you fall on your


The Magic of Garlic

Allium Sativum, as garlic is scientifically called, has, according to wikipedia, a history of several thousand years of human consumption.