Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Nadine Ramdass
In 1976, the world bore witness to the Soweto uprising and the lives taken during it. People finally took notice of the plight of black South Africans under the law of apartheid. However, the riot was not about the injustice of segregation. It was about the rights of young black South Africans to be educated in a language that...
Ballet has long since been associated with young white girls in pink tutus and cute buns. However at UJ, students of all ages (and racial groups as well as gender) are getting the opportunity to learn this discipline of dance as well as reap the many benefits that come with it. Through these classes, a change in attitude towards...
The #FeesMustFall movement has, since its beginning in 2015, been associated with violence and viewed by many as being unreasonable for believing that free education is possible in South Africa. However what few people know is that the movement has never been just about free education in the sense of not having to pay but also about freeing education...