One Step Guide to a Great 2019

Ah, new years’ resolutions. These are by far the biggest scams in self-motivation history. We aim for the best things


The Book of Skyler!

The Book of Skyler! The following story is sponsored by a group of Twitter’s Official Mean Girls. (TMS) Also, this


There’s Never Been a Perfect Time to Build Black Owned Businesses Than Now!

A call to action! Aren’t we all tired? Aren’t we all fed up? Aren’t we all sick of all these


Give, Create, Heal, Help, Write, Think, Talk, Teach.

Allow me tell you a story, a story about me on how I almost got swallowed up by sadness or


Young, Gifted & Tired!

I sat and wondered to myself as I constantly find myself in the busy streets of life. If anything, those