Be Bold Enough To Say NO!

This whole month (August), South African’s will be celebrating the courage and power of women. In this country, women face a lot of atrocities and this is evidenced by the recent #MenAreTrash social media movement. Every year on the 9th of August, South Africa celebrates the historical event that happened in 1956 when South African women marched to the union buildings. “Wathinta abafazi wathinta imbhokodo,” marks the essence of the march and the power of women. Here is my concern, most women have lost that power and courage. Today’s women fail to say “No” and mean it.

Domestic violence is a problem in this country and very little is being done about it. It leaves women emotionally and physically damaged. Relationships have become a war zone and some sort of a boxing game for the males.

“Well he told me that he hits me because he loves me just like our parents hit us when we do wrong, I told myself he loves me”. Ntombikhayise Dlamini, 22.

Most women believe that abuse means love, some are too blind to see that they are being abused – could it be that love is blind? I don’t think so.

Witnessing such does show that women are powerful and can take anything as they survive and come out looking like nothing has happened. There are organisations that help women that are facing such problems. Organisations such as POWA and ZAZI.

“I loved him but I couldn’t take it anymore he would even hit me for useless things like why  I didn’t answer my phone when he called”, Amanda Khowa, 28.

Amanda could not take it anymore and quite frankly, we all can’t take it anymore. Women are not punching bags or toys. Women should be brave enough to report such things. It helps to talk to a trustworthy someone and hopefully that person would know what to do. Relationships are supposed to be fun.

“Ladies once he hits you go and report it and stop thinking that he will change take action against the abuse” Dlamini


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