Body Shaming.


On body shaming: Apologies to every woman who has ever heard “You’ve lost so much weight, you look great” or anything similar. The suggestion that losing weight automatically results in an increased attractiveness is disgusting. I’m sorry for all the times people cloaked their body shaming in ‘health concerns’. Spewed facts about diabetes and cholesterol, not because they cared about your health, but because you don’t meet their bodily standards. I’m sorry to every woman who has ever seen revenge body. You were made to believe that being skinny would bring envy to people who hurt you because ‘skinner = better’. I’m sorry to my body for ever stepping on a scale in an attempt to view my progress. Not progress in terms of health, but in terms of size. I am so sorry that you have starved yourself, fed yourself lies about how much more you would love yourself. Convinced yourself that you were happier about yourself. I am so sorry to tell you that you have been a victim and an aggressor.