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You probably have noticed that a lot content you view online is filled ads. Quite often than not, most of these ads are telling you that you can make money online. These ads are popular because in this age of the internet, most people are trying to make money online. More and more people want to work less but make a lot of money. Using online ads is a little complicated, you need a website, content, traffic, etc… but there is another way of making money online – Social Media. Almost everyone around you has an account and you can capitalise on this. This article is about [Tweet “Twitter, the home of celebrities, twelebrities and your oomf.”]

On my previous article I stated that I heard a guy on television say that he makes over R1500 per tweet so to further investigate this, Campus TV interviewed Twitter socialite and rising star (We believe he is a star already) Kholisa Skweyiya, a Road Transport Management student at the University of Johannesburg. Kholisa currently lives in Johannesburg but he is originally from Cape Town.

Here is the interesting thing about him, he does promotional work online so if you have something to promote, check out his contacts at the end of this article. Below is our little chat with him:

This article is part of series about the possibility of making money online, are you currently making money on Twitter?

I present my Twitter Analytics to clients and offer them a service through Hand Of Sas (A PR company) and I get commission for bringing in clients. We push companies who want their brands to be seen at a faster pace online. So, yes.

You are now, obviously a brand, was this your plan all along? You know, when you first signed up on Twitter.

It definitely was not my plan to become a brand. I did indeed want to have a base where I get to communicate with people and share views on life and sport. I happily got more than that. Social Media has completely changed my life.

You have so many followers (over 81k), congrats, how did you get to that number of followers?

Thank you! I just invested 12 months of my life everyday dedicating it to building a profile online. It took a lot of sleepless nights. I didn’t know what the outcome would be but I always have a tendency to do well in things I really pursue and it’s paying off.

What is your take on online business?

I feel like it is a great opportunity for people who want to fast track their businesses because the digital world makes things so much easier. I do also feel that there are a lot of opportunists online and you should research well before buying or trading goods with people. Ask around about online business.

Do you think South Africans are aware of this new way of making money?

Yes they are, a small population and we’re still experimenting and finding ways to censor it in order for tricksters to get caught. It is picking up though.

Are you currently making money anywhere else other than Twitter?

No, I am making money only on Twitter.

How can potential business clients contact you?

My email: kholisaskweyiya@gmail.com

Twitter and Instagram: @justkholii_

Cell Number: 0718322624

I am a friendly call away 🙂 (He added that smiley face, lol)

Finally, what advice would you give to young South Africans about online business?

Online business is a lucrative investment which requires a lot of research and proper planning. You need to know what people need and what is currently trending. Your business will be more popular if you can keep up with the trend.

There you have it, it is not easy but it is very possible to make money online, especially on social media. Let your fingers do the work. [Tweet “We can all twar but it pays more to turn our followers into clients and build wealth.”]


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