Celebrating The Good Men in our Society – #IconicMan

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“Men are trash and don’t come here and tell me that you are not trash because you have never harmed a woman. What have you done to change the situation?”

A lady said what you just that to me after we had a talk about femicide and all the unjust acts by men. As a “good man,” you feel like you should point out that you are not like these other men. She pointed out that this was not the case. after all Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Personally, I believe that if we made it a habit to build the young men in our societies who do good, we will get closer to solving this problem we are currently facing. The Institutional Office For HIV and AIDS (IOHA) has an annual program that does exactly that and last Thursday they hosted a lunch honouring these wonderful men.

The IOHA #IconicMan is an initiative that honours young men who do good in their societies. These men are then giving awards for their good deeds and celebrated.


Photo by @enoe_em

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Stay tuned for video content. Be an #IconicMan too. Check out IOHA at the University of Johannesburg.





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