Forget Land, I have A Better Idea!

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Contextual intelligence is as real as it gets. And every time young people take it to the streets I often wonder if I’m odd to not be part of ‘the revolution’, or yet, lost not to join fees must fall movements and land expropriation rallies.

I don’t know maybe it is because I just have a different perspective to this whole thing, the everything.

  • Shouldn’t we rather be focusing on passing as opposed to demanding more fees?

  • Shouldn’t we rather be focusing on actually finding jobs for graduates, I mean literally plugging them into the economy?

  • Shouldn’t we rather be focusing on developing new industries with government funds other than bailing out dysfunctional state enterprises?

Like I said, I don’t know. I’m always at odds with myself and It defeats me the whole time.

You can’t teach old dogs new rules,” Some Body

In Metapolitics, a philosophical masterpiece by Alain Badiou, he explains there’s a point where politics run out agenda, or in simple terms; politics slowly become irrelevant with time. Today we live in totally new world that demands a different approach; thought and precision. More than that, the world demands empathy over judgment, understanding over assumptions and most importantly, love over hate.

How many people’s careers have been destroyed over ‘hate speech’? Think about it.

So then, I wonder sometimes, does it ever not occur to us (especially young people) that we might be fighting a wrong fight?

Often times, I feel like we are lost in the crossfires of the past and the future, old farts, old fights, the old everything over the new; the us, we are slowly becoming. The battle between the old and the new is leaving us bruised, confused, and to many including the fees must fall advocates, arrested, tortured and out of school, how ironic?

Does it not occur to us that maybe politics are irrelevant to us, to this day, to this ‘thing’ we call a battle?

Sure we need certain things but, do we have to be up on the streets? It’s a simple approach sure, quick fucks gets you media attention but leaves property vandalised and a criminal record.

Maybe then as well, Julius must explain to us how we are actually going to win the economic battle politically or does he just want to be yet another president?

I don’t know about you but an economic fight is totally a different ball game. It is business, strategy and plot twist, relationships and working together, long hours and zero sleeps. It is intense, it has to be, but no life has to be in danger. And the good thing is that it can be won still.

So then, do you not think that taking it  to the streets and fighting for fees is a lot less wiser than staying in a library and making sure that you pass so  one day you can pay your little sister’s fees?

Is joining a “land expropriation” rally wiser than working on your start-up daily, including weekends, and ensuring its success, to make enough money and then afford some ‘land’?

I’m not saying these are the best strategies but in the best modern thinking practices a wise man would ask, I would ask; have we actually explored a 100 other effective options to do this?

Just because ANC marched back in the days and emancipated the people, doesn’t mean we’re going to, in the same way possible.

The battlefield has changed

The players have changed.

The ground has shifted beneath us, and so are rules of the game.

Let’s adapt, and fuck shit up™!

Cape Town, South Africa


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