Geen Babalaz – Beating Your Hangover

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Bonang and Dudu Kau, the creative geniuses behind the drink Geen Babalaz, and Re-l8 a movement making waves on social media decided to grace us with their presence on campus as it was double trouble on a Re-l8 Friday at the University of Johannesburg (APK ), with their campus tour just about to reach its peak.

The Rustenburg born duo moved to the city of Gold to become one of the movers and shakers in the clothing and beverage industry with their unconventional energy drink and clothing brand Re-L8.

Although, like every other entrepreneur, trying to receive funding and support was a challenge.

The duo might have faced a lot of obstacles, but through hard work and dedication to their craft, they persevered.

The drink Geen Babalazi just started as an idea. Both brothers were not afraid to blame each other for experiencing the most hangovers. The brothers then saw a niche in the market; a powerful field to invest their dreams in. Living in a country where alcohol is one the most consumed products, the best thing that they had to do was fill the gap that no other brand was tapping into – fighting the hangover. Unlike other brands focusing on just one aspect, Geen Babalazi has a dual purpose – boost your energy or pick you up after a heavy night.

But what makes them unique from other social movements besides believing in the importance of supporting 100% black owned businesses? They believe that as a nation we need to help each other  and support each other through our ventures; hence they make it a point to associate themselves with new creative brands.

Our generation needs more creatives and innovators that will help propel the South African economy as a whole. More business engagement means the rise of economic freedom amongst the youth.

If you’d like to know more and get a hold of their merchandise; you can follow them on Twitter @Zee_phele and @Re_late8


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