Give, Create, Heal, Help, Write, Think, Talk, Teach.

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Allow me tell you a story, a story about me on how I almost got swallowed up by sadness or so I think a minor depression.

The year is 2014, and me and my so-called buddy at the time decided fuck this, we’re starting a production house, Motion In Time we called it.

MIT Logo 🙂 Nice right?

Straight out of a training program I thought I was well equipped to run a production house and having worked at SABC man I thought I knew it all. Me being me knowing all sorts of connects I managed to get us not only a fancy offices in Sandton but also an entry into a business incubation program.

This was dope…probably the best thing ever considering we had no money or experience but little savings.

Work was put in, and all of a sudden my partner started acting shady, poor guy was probably going through things I didn’t understand.. ok fede I just needed to see this through so it didn’t bother me as much.

More work, and the thing about me is that when I invest myself in something, I go in hard, I invest my everything, basically I fell in love with my all..

Months went by, business went by, so did our pockets too and yes shit started to hit a fan…

When shit hits the fan, real characters come out and disagreements starts. When a couple, in business starts to break out, anyone can see. The other half starts showing up in meetings alone lol, and people talk “What happened to Bonnie and Clide?’’ Ya ne..

Lol. Don’t mind my afro…

It’s not funny, reality started to set in, I recall a conversation I had with my friend Tebza as I was leaving the offices after a heavy day. I was basically trying to explain how I put my everything in, and it has amounted to nothing. Basically it wasn’t working..

You know that conversation girls have with their friends when they start doubting a guy? Yep! This was me.

Tebza suggested I leave, he could tell I was already dead inside.

I packed my bags. A story old as time.

This was an epic fail, first time in love and you get your heart brutally broken.


With no income stream you must go back home to your mom and rethink your game plan. Also, remember your siblings will be looking at you funny — hmm and friends?

Like any heartbreak, this shit takes time to heal, and if you’re not careful it consumes you.

I found myself almost in the deep end.

Talking yourself out is not enough. I had to even leave home, ended up in Bloem, I thought shit would change but nha. It doesn’t work like that.

I don’t know if I was depressed or sad, but whatever it was I couldn’t escape it except this one time when I encountered ‘The Paradox of Prosperity’ essay by Umair Haque — a simple read…but it knocked me off and sent my brains into a wild wild west.

It shook me so hard, I started writing, my first ever book came out and ‘The Paradox of Prosperity’ eBook was published.

And then boom!

I was fine.

My mind was clear, what I think was depression was gone and suddenly I was fine.


But now it daunts me. All along. All these things. All I had to do was give.

Is this how you heal depression or sadness maybe? I don’t know, but there’s something magical in giving, in teaching, in expressing yourself.

For all of us who are born creative we’re lucky, but not all of us are actually creative, but we can give right?

We can give, create, heal, help, write, think, talk, and teach.

In a culture where depression is the deadliest weapon ravaging the youth, nothing can help you heal than the enduring desire to give.

For all those who know me, are always asking; “how are you not a drug or alcohol addict with this hard working you’re doing?”

How do you even cope?

It’s simple. I give. I produce. I create. I express myself in the best way possible because for me giving helps me more than it does the next person.

If I don’t give I get sick, it gets bad — I get moody, oh help dear God!

How are you giving in your world?


An open letter to small business owners.

I’d like to offer my humble skills in advertising and brand strategy. It is not out of any financial desperation from my part, but from a real desire to see small brands grow into their full potential. FREE OF CHARGE.

Why am I doing this?

I’m hoping my small contribution to your business will make it a bit more profitable for you. And of course, black excellence all around. (Although, every race is welcome).

So, to you reading this, I have a small favor to ask, please share this with that business owner on your network.

Drop me an email on

As a personal challenge, I would like you to help others with your skills. Copy the above and share on your social media page!

Happy Monday Motivation!

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November 2018,

Milpark, Joburg


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