No Glove(s) No Love

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Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters has been the talk of the town due to a recent ‘glove scandal’. During a visit to a children’s home in Soweto, Miss South Africa was spotted interacting with the children and handling food with some latex gloves covering her hands.

Now this is where it all gets interesting, Demi-Leigh is a white South African and the home houses black South African children. Get it? Okay!

After sharing some of the pictures from the event on social media, social media responded and the response was not friendly. Latex gloves took centre stage and Demi got labelled ‘a racist’. Racism is the oldest and most painful wound to South Africa. And as a result, any public dispute that has racism within its arguments becomes public concern. Add a public figure and the nation goes berserk.

The race card flashed out quickly and before we knew it we had our race hats on. While some focused on the racial perspective of latex gloves some questioned the necessity of thinking along racial lines. Many wanted to understand the necessity for the latex gloves and some just did not understand what the fuss was all about.

Although Demi tried to justify her actions by explaining the hygienic nature of her wardrobe choice for her hands, it simply made matters worse. This is not her first rodeo; however, it is her first with latex gloves making the rounds. We have played the race card on multiple occasions. Is this a worthy situation for the race card and dialogue? Could this have been a simple mistake or was it intentional?

Quite frankly assumptions and explanations are all we have. And until such a time as we ‘find out the real narration,’ we might as well chuckle to the #MissSouthAfricaChallenge and appreciate South Africa’s culture of experiencing controversy through humour. No joke!

…and the response


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