Nothing beats a mother’s touch

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Honour thy father is a phrase that many people would be familiar with but in reality, especially in South Africa, mothers are honoured the most. There are many reasons why this happens but who cares, right? Everyone anticipates the day in which they can thank their mothers for everything they are to them. That day finally came (14 May) and social media was filled with messages and photos celebrating these wonderful creatures we call mothers.

It is a celebrated custom in Africa to respect and honour a mother regardless of whether they are your mother or not. I personally think that this day is a global representation of this custom.

In preparation for this article I talked to a few people; one of them, Sthembile Mokorane mentioned how she didn’t know where she would be without her mother. She went on to mention that her mother loved and supported her even though she became a teenage mother – something that most parent find to be a disappointment.

Disappointment or not, it is comforting to know that your mother is there because “A life without a mother is a life that no one pictures. No one wants to lose their pillar of strength. When one loses their mother, they find it hard to move on from that – or continue living in general,” said Ntswaki Mlandu, 25.

Every time Mother’s day comes around, you are reminded of whatever tragic incident that took your mother. It is a painful experience to know that at a certain point in your life you had someone to cry to or be happy with. The concept of death is the hardest to grasp when it comes to our relationships with our mothers. Mlandu went on to state she lost her mother when she was too young to even understand the concept of death. 

At the beginning of this article I mentioned that in reality mothers are honoured the most compared to fathers. It is not a secret that South Africa doesn’t have a lot of devoted fathers. You are most likely going to come across a single mother taking care of their family than a single father or even a happy nuclear family. Another one of the people I talked to, Buhle said, “My mother taught me to be the man that I am today, single handed without any help from anyone.”

A mother’s love is never enough, it needs to be celebrated every day, every hour, hell, if you can- every minute! Happy mother’s days to every queen on earth and your love could never be enough!


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