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Picture: www.wanderer-onestep.blogspot.com

Life is short and you’d better live it large. Too many people dying and their dreams are buried with them. You are still alive and those that are dead wish they were in your position. You are incarcerated in your head like its religion. You’re addicted to the wrong things and feel bad after doing it, you know that it is not your purpose, now you losing it. You recognize the potential within but you still doubting it. You keep comparing yourself to others and that’s causing a drop in your self-esteem because your perception is that they’re doing better than you. You’re feeling the pressure to live to the expectations of other people because you fail to recognize that you are in control of your destiny. Using the environment as an excuse to why certain things are not working out, you are in denial of the truth and convince yourself that it is not your fault, instead it’s the fault of circumstance. Self-handicapping yourself because you’re afraid of failure. Allowing negative energy to live inside your spirit and convincing yourself that you are not supposed to prosper. There is a voice that keeps trying to motivate you but because your spirit is ailing nothing changes, you are as stagnant as a mannequin. Although you watch motivational videos, read the Bible, Quran (or any other religious book) or come up with affirmations, nothing changes and it will never change unless you understand that you are here for a reason and, no matter what circumstance you are in your purpose can be fulfilled. Allow yourself to grow and understand that you will always face challenges, don’t run away from them. Face them and understand that fulfillment will only occur if you are engaging in what you love.


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