#PutInTheWork: An Interview with Psychology graduate – Mbalenhle Nkomo

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I am willing to bet money that you have, at some point, heard someone complain about how difficult life is and how good things seem to happen to a certain kind of people. Most of the people you have heard say things like that believe a lot in miracles. Let me tell you something, there is only one miracle worth noting – the miracle of hard work. Hard work pays. What you put into it, is what you get back. Recently, this notion has been proven to be the truth. Young people are working hard and getting results. As part of our #PutInTheWork series, we interviewed the young and beautiful,Ms Mbalenhle Nkomo, a BA Psychology graduate who is currently pursuing her Honours.


While snooping around on Facebook, we saw your post about how you passed with distinctions, is this true?

Yes, it is.

Wow, we got a genius in the house! (Chuckles). How does that make you feel and how was it achieved?

Well, it makes me feel proud. I am proud of myself (Smiles). It was achieved through hard work. That’s all I can say. Hard work pays off.

Do you have any advice for students who are currently trying to obtain their qualifications?

I would say that one should enjoy their degree – the pursuit of it, I mean. Because it goes by very quickly. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes by you.

What tips would you give first year students about university life?

It is essential for a student to find balance between academics and social life.  One has to develop as an independent and always try their best.

Speaking of university life, did you work while studying and if so, how did you manage?

No. I did not work.

What was your best experience while obtaining your degree?

That moment when I heard my name being called on stage and how they said that I graduated with a cum laude, it was at that point where I realized that “I did it”, through all the hardship, I managed to do so well. Meaning every goal is attainable, nothing is impossible.

The interview was very short but there you have it – hard work pays. If you want to read more about people doing it in life, check out our previous article here.


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