The Book of Skyler!

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The Book of Skyler!

The following story is sponsored by a group of Twitter’s Official Mean Girls. (TMS)

Also, this is based on true events, and that one Netflix film without a plot. Forgot its tittle.

Ok enough with the disclaimers. #TrendingToday was my ex-girlfriend Mihlali hmmm.. yeah. Believe it. (Insert Emoji) Lol.. #Jokes

If you don’t know who Mihlali is, best you pause right here and Google here.

In a nutshell, Mihlali is what Game of Thrones writers Goerge R.R. Martine, D.B. Weiss, and David Benioff were trying to write; A story of Fire & ICE!


Twitter’s Mean Girls decided to attack Mihlali after her birthday video went viral….

Well let me tell you, when I first saw her name Trending I was like, hawu, manje bae is making yet another public announcement without informing me…

So there I was, quick fast things, 0–120 in 0.04 seconds and I am at the twitter streets only to find that some girl decided that to say Mihlali’s body is average.

Hehe…the nerve, the courage, the liver!

What a lol…

Like any Game of Thrones series she was dealt with, quick fast. Ke twitter phela. No one is a starring here…

And all of a sudden it spiked up a whole lot of conversations… now women went at each other. We bro’s are just like hmm, we just not gonna get involved…

Cause man knowing Mihlali you don’t get to just say things like that… It’s dangerous!

But, that’s not what fascinated me about this… fede we know women like to pick on each other’s looks every now and then but this one hit home.

Mihlali is no average, at least in that sense of the word, turning 22 and having achieved so much, well, maybe with luck is what I applaud about girls such as Mihlali.

Reminds me of another Ex of mine… hehe… ere ke etshware daar… (I’ll come back here.)

Let’s now deal with the problem at hand. The mean girls.

Such girls, especially that one who picked on her, so many like her live among us all.

They don’t just pick on her as well but they do it to us guys. Crushing our fragile leftover confidence whenever they get the chance.

The surprising part is that you dig up on them you will be surprised.

Not only do they lack the capacity to hustle, but the can’t even hold down a job.

Zero work ethic, Zero ambition and Zero Intelligence or street savviness.

Basically they bring nothing to the table, and all they do, is be mean when they see something, something that looks exactly like what they wished for, anger erupts.

Read that again…

But what they don’t know is, Mihlali is one person you need, to be inspired, to spike and ignite that fire inside of you, not towards hate but to push even harder, to infinity and beyond.

If she can do it why the hell can’t you?

Reminds me of that other ex of mine. hehe. Let’s give her a name, Skyler…

Skyler was an epic dream everyone wished for. Girls wanted to be liker her and guys wished she was theirs. I’m not even talking about beauty.. sure she was fire, brown eyed pedi girl with a dash of aggressiveness.

Not only Skyler had promotion jobs in between her classes but on weekends she’s nowhere to be found. She’s working. Poor girl. Or so I thought..

You want work ethic, ambition and Intelligence with that dash of street savviness?

She’s got it all.

One random Sunday morning, the night before God knows what happened that night… probably a season finale of that of Strictly Come Dancing show I used to work on… Good days. S/O to that team from Rapid Blue…

So I roll out of bed at 1pm, going through my phone and replying texts, one of which was Skyler’s…

Girl is at work…hmm

Working is hard but she made it fashionable…

She was busy complaining on how hard work is, and now “I have eye bags…” “I haven’t slept much…” …”and got studying to do…” she texted, while at work.


My thing was girl is pretty, pshh not even poor, she was smart and all that, why she got a torture herself like that…? Ai me told her to be strong, and was proud of her, and I applaud her work ethic..

I slept…

Waking up later, hungry, it hit me, why she working harder than me… why am I not putting in the effort?

I had to do better…

All of sudden, a spark ignited in me, a mean workaholic Nell was born, instantly, ok well I decided I’m gonna level up..

But like love, such things are not born from outside but inside out…a small tiny spark can set an entire forest on fire, and that’s what everyone needs. That’s what I needed, and that’s what that one mean girl needed.

Well, except you can’t see these things at first sight, and thus we miss it, like that girl who failed to applaud Mihlali’s efforts, or so like me who failed to capture and appreciate the gift, the spark, that Skyler ignited in me.

I guess it happens to the most of us… But unlike Miss mean girl, from that very moment, I never took anything for granted.

Innocent is always asking me a silly question day in and out, “How are you coping..?” while others are surprised I’m not druggie…

Well besides big dreams and everything… Skyler has set a forest on fire, it has been burning since and will forever do, and that’s just a pure lesson to learn from anyone doing better than us.

The Book of Skyler.



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