The “I love You” Sluts

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“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach…”

These are the first few lines from Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s How do I love thee.  A beautiful expression of love. Expressing your love for someone is a beautiful thing to do and it is just as beautiful as love itself. However, expressing it with these little three words – I love you – has become meaningless. It has become simple to utter them without taking into consideration what they really mean. We have become the “I love you sluts.”

Here is my theory, I believe that social media has desensitized us by making us desperate for love. Every day we are bombarded by pictures and messages about love so much that we start believing that we need to be in relationships in order to be happy. This leads us to jumping into relationships we do not really want and when it does not work out as we hoped, we throw the words around just to cling onto the person we chose. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to experience love when it is not forced, when it is expressed spontaneously and not like a chore or a necessity?

“You have to tell them every day that you love them.” This is the type of information you find on social media. No. You do not have to. Your body and mind tend to build up a tolerance for things they experience every day. For example, if you were to eat eggs every day, you would not enjoy them. You’d need some sort of variance or to skip a day. If you say, “I love you, “ every day, it loses its weight. Even the emphases that follows, “ I really, really love you,” has become meaningless.

The people you actually really love do not get to hear you tell them every day. When was the last time you told your mother you loved her (probably on mothers’ day. Lol), or your brother, your father? But you actually do love these people and they know it.

Love responsibly, only say it when you mean it. Even if you said it after a week or month, if you mean it, it really doesn’t matter how long it took.


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