The Impact of Trap Music in SA

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We live in an era were individuality is something that’s rare . To be honest, I think the blame should be all on hip hop; not just the music but the culture as a whole has led to an increase in  globalization. Every second person I come across follows the culture of Hip Hop – American Hip Hop  or more specifically Trap Music. In this music we come across subjects of drugs, alcohol, money and basically anything materialistic. This is also followed by the signature look of dreadlocks, which can be seen from popular acts like Lil Wayne, Future ,Travis Scott, Young Thug, Migos and many more. The scary thing is that everything I just described about trap music is a lifestyle that’s followed by many young South Africans; we cannot differentiate ourselves from the American rappers.

The subject matter of trap music has also caused an increase of drug use in South Africa, from weed to cocaine and promethazine. We also see our own South African rappers adopting the American trap lifestyle; when will South Africans stop being followers? When will we set the trends? This lifestyle that everyone is following is  rarely beneficial to our society.

The use of words such as “bitch” and “nigga” has increased so much that it is now normal to hear them thrown around every minute. Proper English is suffering due to the rise of Hip Hop slang as evidenced by words such as “Issa” from 21 Savage. Everyone just looks, talks and acts the same . We  need to encourage more individuality in our country because the direction we are now taking will not benefit anybody in any way. Lets all be unique and make our own trends and we must not forget that we are African and not American.  Im not saying trap music is bad music, but how we consume the music is really something that should change.


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