The Paradox Of Prosperity — Part 4

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We are living in hard times where survival means stroll over people and not care much about how one will survive. We are living in a world where politics are no longer a source of peace but instead, a business portal where leaders feast. We are living in hard times where we are sold dreams through political campaigns in exchange for our vote. We are living in a world where religious organisations are selling us hope in exchange for our last bit of penny. We are living in a penny-pinching world where — where the rise of extremism is more important than a rise in a virus outbreak — People want to be so lavish, so wealthy that their wealth is comparable to at least 8 of the poorest countries’ economy. All of those, signals just the type of society we live in, a paradigm with which we need to stand firm against, by adopting the paradox of a prosperous mentality.

It is in these times of little that we need to plant more seeds of plenty that, when our neighbour starves we give not bread but show them how to bake one so to feed her/his own children. It is in these time of misery, hopelessness — the times of selfishness that we need to show humanness, disapprove all the flaws of ill thinking — “the every man for himself mentality”. It is in these times that each one of us needs to challenge our minds to think in terms of prosperity.

The paradox of prosperity mentality needs to be adopted in these times where the rise of extremism, obsession with materialism the selfish self — the selfie thinking mentality.

The mentality needs to be adopted in times when you need to notice uncertainties, brutality and despair arise due to lack of prosperity thinking. These thinking are detailed in policies of certain organisations, some are not detail, some do not even pose a danger to society — but they exist.

EFF as a prime example — a prominent political party that stands for the good of the people’s economy, instead of planting more fields of property, they are after handfuls of dust, the land that was as apparently taken from our ancestors. This mentality is due to the lack of prosperity thinking, the thinking that devalues society and needs to be planted in everyday running and maintenance of business/organisations. But then put your thinking to it, what if EFF members turned the economic fighting powers, powers in parliament etc. into a more productive movement and use its grounds in the government to roll out business opportunities to its members so they can plant more seeds of plant without corruption deals or fights, just what if? What could go wrong with that..? And that dear associate fighters — that’s economically fighting for economy.

We go on, very recent the economic financial climate required a boost in order for the GDP to meet the current government spend. But well the problem is that the economy is not that big enough to generate that much income.

What the government decided then is to raise taxes, not knowing what the final decision was against this this but notice the flaw, notice a fall out non prosperity thinking. Basically this, in simple English means that for the government to make more profit — i.e. through SARS and other public enterprises, the need to increase TAX — take your money not create more.

SARS’s income money — taxed from ordinary hardworking souls so we can meet corrupt & negligent spends of the government’s lack of professionalism on municipal expenditures very daring. For a country which has lost international confidence and has youth unemployed, the leaders still look for way to cover their lack of delivery.

Why not think in terms of prosperity? — Instead of raising taxes why not feed start-ups with grants, capital and seed funding so they can upscale the economy. Why not plant seeds in other markets, export and imports, why not facilitate such programs that would see a rise in the economic spend — that will result in high government profits? Why not do it like china did 10 years ago — put capital into government owned enterprises that would create enormous opportunities — fields to harvest and ventures? Yes we’ve seen SKA and other projects, raising taxes suggest that the government does not recognise the danger of their situation and this is the result why the mentality of prosperity needs to be adopted. Having such thinking will allow the government to see value in business opportunities as seeds of plenty, which lead people into hopes that they are being put forward as important.

There are other incidences and decisions being taken, by organisations, government and individuals; they will revoke your emotions as to how they have come into being — that we let them take over and we cherished them. The feeding off one another which is just as bad, the corruption we tolerating and everything that goes with it — what will we say we did to when our grandsons and daughters asks, that we had no choice but to accept, that we are a mere subject of circumstance?

If farmer can produce 5kg of wheat to feed a community of 50 people, that’s all there is to it. No need for other communities to override the system and demand wheat as well. It will not work; all systems I outlined are overriding the system EFF, Tax, ETOLL, what d0 they all have in common. They are not fields, they are systems established to still feed off on the already established or harvested fields and this is the time when the paradox of prosperity needs to be applied. ‎

There are more problems which bear resemblances to what have been explained that you probably know off in your country, or community or even workplace. This is due to lack of such thinking, a thinking that avoids the crafting new opportunities. The result, due to lack of such a thinking creates fights, strikes, disagreements, rage and at the end of the day we look to each other in the faces not knowing the crux of what the actual problem is — lack of prosperity mentality.

***End of Part 4

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