To all Black Women

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Media has portrayed black women as rude, loud, malicious, stubborn and overbearing. Not only are they seen as unprofessional and people without class, they are portrayed as angry black women and unapproachable.

As a black woman, you are criticised by the way you look before you even speak. Your hair is kinky and hard, not flawless and maybe a weave on that hair would cover that mess. It will give you a cleaner look. The facial expression you have on is angry, sassy and unwelcoming before you even smile. You are fat with plenty of curves. The acceptable standard these days is either you are slim and healthy or curvy and sexy but you are neither, which puts you in a vulnerable position. If you start to speak out, society thinks you have over stepped your boundaries. You are meant to be an audience and just watch what is going on. If they step on your toes you are supposed to cry quietly.

According to media, you love money and you would even expose your own body for the entertainment of men, these are shown in music videos mostly and other entertainment programs. A black woman is a sex symbol, you must have a perfect sized behind, breasts and curves plus a beautiful visage. The accent must be acceptable by society otherwise for you to be heard will be difficult. You are labelled as uneducated if you do not speak with the society’s accent. Society stereotypes have made it hard for you to be you.

Are all these negative aspects stopping from embracing your being?

Do not stop being who you are. If you are a fighter against discrimination, do not stop or hesitate but keep on pushing. Help the world to realise what is right and wrong. Do not let anyone tell you that your accent or the language you are using is not acceptable. Speak up, they will hear and even translate it in different languages if they have to. Maybe what you say will change the world’s decision for the greater good of humanity and you will be remembered for that. If you are an inventor or you have dreams to do what society says it is a man’s job, why stop?The input you impose will be greatly appreciated.

To all the black women that are still in a vacuum just know that there are women whom have overcome your current predicament. A better world awaits you. Stand up and act.

Remember to celebrate your blackness and being a woman with pride and radiance because you are beautiful just the way you are. Dream, believe and act and you will be rewarded greatly!


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