What if you Could Turn your Facebook Likes into Cash?

They say the night belongs to the poets and the madmen. Here I am at 2am, neither a poet nor


5 Reasons Why Success Has Almost Nothing to Do With Skill

Do you agree that ambition and discipline matter far more than talent when it comes to achievement? I ask because


Move, Thinking Forward “Rethinking Transformation”

This is a story of how I lost a job because I don’t believe in transformation, or so I thought.


Delayed Capital: How Business Incubators and the ED environment is slowing down African start-ups.

In the recent years, from 2002, up until now there has been a need to accelerate black owned companies. With

Trading 3

Amateur traders cash in up to R30000 monthly using a mentorship initiative from VMJ institute

An Honours student in Law and Education from UJ has made Forex trading a success for himself and mentors others