Sandile Mantsoe

South Africa’s Killer Men

Karabo Mokoena’s body was found by a passer-by in a patch of veld in Bramley, Johannesburg, on April 29th 2017.

Tractor cultivating field at spring,aerial view

Forget Land, I have A Better Idea!

Contextual intelligence is as real as it gets. And every time young people take it to the streets I often


The Love And Sex Chronicles

So many times, the question arises of whether love and sex have an unbreakable connection, and it is a very

body shaming

Body Shaming.

On body shaming: Apologies to every woman who has ever heard “You’ve lost so much weight, you look great” or



Picture: www.wanderer-onestep.blogspot.com Life is short and you’d better live it large. Too many people dying and their dreams are buried