#TrendingToday: Dove Ad Offends Black Twitter


Just a few days ago Dove released a new ad campaign from their global account that upset everyone, well especially black women.

According to Sowetan Live, “the commission of Gender Equality has labelled a contentious Dove cosmetics advert “reckless”.” Read full article here 

Skin lightning is common in black communities and of course, South Africans had their own spin to the ad with Kanyi Mbau being thrown in there…

This does not seem like it is Dove’s first approach at making ads that are not only offensive to black people but it seems, Dove has no care for their black consumers.

This was a campaign from a little while ago:

And of course black twitter can never go silent on these matters even though they have sent an apology – via ‘Twitter’.

Straight after that, you can imagine all what was to come – and Uniliver also came under fire…

And my ultimate favorite…

Go more to add to the story?