#TrendingToday: Storms Wreck Havoc In Durban#DurbanStorms

Image Curtesy of EWN
Image Curtesy of EWN

Following heavy rains and storms that swept through the country in the past 2 days has been an influx of social media videos that have emotionally wrecked a whole lot of people online.

If it is not a cars being swept by floods it is by definite the damage the storms have caused in many parts of the country.

One city however stands out, Durban – which seems to have had the most of damage from trees to cars, streets and schools.

This morning, a whole lot of clips from the city surfaced with a few insights that people have lost their lives. The schools damaged also means that learners will be affected when it comes to preparing for their end of year exams.

The trend went up on social media with #KZNstorms charting in the morning, #Durban and #DurbanSorms following around midday.

Here are a few tweets from the twitter community.

Children affected..

The roads..


And ofcourse.. #NochillinMzansi..

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