UJ Future Walk – Raising funds for students

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Last Saturday the University of Johannesburg held a Future Walk at the AW Muller stadium to raise funds for financially needy students.

The event was attended by students from various residences around UJ, workers, parents and children as well. It was an all-round family affair. There were three races 5km and 8km and the nappy dash for kids. These were run at 7h30 and 7h45 respectively.

“Well the race was fascinating, everyone took part, we all got medals,and it was fun seeing others participate”, said Butlenyana Matsaneng (20) a PR student at UJ. All participants received medals, courtesy of UJ Sports, and there was a fun, vibrant energy in the air. UJFM, the campus radio station’s DJ Banze provided entertainment and people were up on their seats dancing and there were a number of dancing challenges that took place which resulted in participants winning prizes such as Varsity Cup t-shirts.

The University of Johannesburg raises funds for needy students annually as many students form part of the missing middle and as a result fail to be able to pay their fees. “We are here to support the Future Walk, this is about the future of our own UJ students and making a difference and giving an African child an opportunity to study further. Last year the university went all out to raise funds and we felt that everyone in the university community should take part therefore we as UJFM are here,” said Tebatso Maapola, UJFM station manager.

Campus TV attended the event which was sponsored by Future Life, Gauteng Province and UJ Sport. There were health checks also done by the department of Sports and Movement studies for the participants. “We set up wellness testing to help students and runners in health related screening, we did blood pressure, heart rate monitoring and Body Mass Index and tested muscular strength and endurance using push ups and sit ups. The aim for this was to measure participants risk for cardiovascular disease,” said Lynn van Rooi, a biokineticist and Lecturer in the department of sports and movement at UJ DFC campus.

There were, however. issues with the amount of participants that actually took part and there were various suggestions from participants that next time UJ does such an event they should consider inviting other Universities close by such as Wits as funding is something that affects all students, as well as reduce ticket prices in order to allow people to take part. Most people at the event felt that as much as the event would be beneficial to students, R145 to take part of the race was a bit pricey. Some students also said that they wanted to attend but were put off by the ticket price. However the event was fun and the vibe was awesome. Education is important to advance in today’s world therefore if institutions could unite to raise funds for the future of more students, they could save a young person from potentially wasting their talents and skills because there is no funding. Props to UJ!


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