UJ-The hub of entrepreneurship

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The University of Johannesburg is not just an institution for higher education and training. It is renowned for it’s ability to embrace diversity and individualism. Surely where  great minds gather, great minds will think alike. Some call them risk takers, others call them the ambitious, whatever you may choose to call them, entrepreneurs are the future of our society.

With a large group to choose from, I had a chance to interview two “great minds” to truly understand the bases of entrepreneurship. Both third year students at the university, Kamva Soga and Precious Maluleke had a lot to say about venturing into business. Hailing from opposite ends of the country, the driving factors of them being businessman and woman were different. Precious, who is completing her BEd in senior and FET, was in need of cash for basic necessities such transport money, food and clothing. Whereas, Kamva started his business to fund his investing interests. Mr Soga is currently completing his BCom degree in Accounting. Amongst others, they can be seen selling snacks to other students on campus.

The challenges they face are common. They both referred to campus protection services as being their biggest obstacle. Being on the lookout has become second nature. Despite the challenges, their spirits have not been dampened. This just comes to show the unwavering motivation and passion that entrepreneurs possess.

Wise words of encouragement were given to upcoming entrepreneurs. “Find a mentor who is already in the business and do your research before entering the field”, said Kamva. This is the expression that will instil hope and direction to the next generations of entrepreneurs.

It should be one of the university’s primary aim to facilitate the growth of entrepreneurship on campus. Hopefully, as time goes on, entrepreneurship will take it’s legal and rightful place in the UJ society. Nevertheless, the persistence of these great minds is remarkable and eventually it will conquer all.



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