What Break?

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Remember when we were young and you just couldn’t wait for the holidays? Anticipating those moments you will share with friends under the sun and the jiggy-jiggy moments in front of the television with Barney and friends? Those moments are gone!

During the exams, we anticipated the long hours of sleep we will enjoy once we get home. We were putting in the work and effort, going long hours without much sleep because we knew… we knew that the time will come when we reacquaint ourselves with our first love – sleep!

Officially we have been on break for two weeks; I do not know about you but I am yet to spend quality time with my blankets. Whenever I seem to drift further into dreamland, the beginnings of the new day and a long list of chores have me changing out of my PJs.

Instead of a sleep-a-thon with random breaks of food and good television, girl is out getting her chores done. Basically we have traded one type of work for another. Granted, our families appreciate the extra set of hands. But darn it, these hands are on break!

At the end of the day it is good to be home and these hands will gladly do any type of work as long as we get to spend time with the family and enjoy those home cooked meals. Happy Break everyone!


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