What if you Could Turn your Facebook Likes into Cash?

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They say the night belongs to the poets and the madmen. Here I am at 2am, neither a poet nor a madman. I just cannot sleep so I start thinking too much, tossing and turning. I begin to remember a show I watched not long ago. There was a guy who claimed he made a lot of money online. The guy claimed that he made over R1500 per tweet. I sat there thinking, wow, that is a lot of money.

source: http://social.colostate.edu/2015/02/10/should-you-pay-to-play-on-facebook

It got me thinking. Could someone on Facebook do the same? If you are already doing that then congratulations! Throughout the years, I have noticed on Facebook, that there are people whose statuses get a large number of likes. This, of course is good for boosting an ego but what if you could turn those likes into cold hard cash?

How? You ask. There is this thing called advertising. Advertisers would pay a lot of money to have their product advertised to a large number of people. It goes deeper than that but that is the general idea. If you are a feleb (Facebook Celebrity), you probably get more than 2000 likes a week combined – there are people who get a lot more than that. Why aren’t you getting paid for your popularity?

We live in an age where everyone is trying to build something, especial in the field of fashion. You could ask some of these young companies to use your popularity and pay you. You don’t have to make them pay a lot of money; you can save that for when the big dogs start to approach you.


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