What is sexy?

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”The truth is once you have mastered the sexy attitude, the clothes you wear will not matter. It is such a feminine thing to feel sexy, to feel womanly, and to feel beautiful and we can all do it.” – Bows and Throws (www.bowsandthrows.wordpress.com).

We all, not only want to feel sexy but encompass it in every shape and form, but the question that will always rear its ugly head and haunt our reflections is “am I sexy?” Please  note, I do not use the word, “sexy” in a derogatory manner, but as a substitute for feeling attractive and radiating it.

Once you identify what makes you feel sexy or what you find sexy about yourself, everything else will fall into place, but most ask themselves where can they begin and its quite simple, change how you view yourself, remove the images society has placed in your head and begin finding what makes you unique and sexy. Change your look, play around with different styles and work out what not only makes you look good but feel great, it doesn’t have to be a big budget breaking change, but little subtle changes that will subsequently lead to a sexier you.

Take the days where you have actually taken the time to make sure your outfit, hair and make-up be on point, you will notice that the camera not only has a bit more respect for you but there is this sudden boost in your self-esteem, the problem with that is, it is external and therefore is limited to the duration in which you have that look on for. Work on the girl that will feel sexy, even when she’s having a bad hair day with her blotchy and doesn’t have the time or the energy to put on the makeup that will boost her insecurities.

Sexy can only be defined by the person who wears it because like beauty, sexy has its imperfections, so stop looking for your definition of sexy from the opposite sex, current trends or what people around you think is sexy. Sexy is a four letter word that should form part of the foundation in your self-esteem, we are all different, that four letter word is not going to be defined by the same things.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”  – Leonard Cohen

Only go as far as doing what makes you feel good, not uncomfortable. Remember, you’re doing this for yourself not for the world to suddenly give you unneeded attention.

Some say beauty is skin deep, others go on to say it comes from within and that it is in the eye of the beholder, but who cares what they say, you are a beautiful entity, and that is an asset no one can ever take away from you, so fight to keep it in your reign, because it will be there when there is no one to remind you it is there.


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