You Are The Only Person Standing In Your Way of Success

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I am going to present a case that’s supposed to help you understand how so many times we often like blaming ‘things’ or people for our own success, or lack thereof. I have a mentor, who, everytime he fails at something, or people fail him, he goes on to say, no, it was my fault – I failed them in the first place.

That’s a little abstract for now but I will explain this deeper as we go and for now just keep it in mind. Thanks to Ben Hardy.


 Some key examples according to Hardy “You studied with one person or grew up together but for some odd reasons he seems to do better than you all the time.”

Why though?

“So you are a musician. You and your friend started long ago. But your friend has it all figured out.

You on the other hand is still wondering why.”


Here’s a logical explanation if you wish to improve your life or succeed according to Ben,

Ask this:

  • Are people in that profession making it? Or succeeding?
  • Are they living comfortably, making enough money? Good!
  • This means you can too do it!

Clearly you have no excuse to not make it. Clearly the problem isn’t the industry, the companies or recession but you. Your friends, relatives, and everyone else in the very same economy is doing well except for you! Your peers, in the same industry, with same degrees, the very same profession are switching jobs as if they’re changing socks.

And you my friend…

You my dearest on the other hand is going through personal economic stagnation. Your pockets are running dry, and soon you will slip into ‘ICU’ if you don’t step up.

But behold, don’t dread. No, just not yet. I have good news for you. I also have bad news my dearest.

The bad news is that your industry has nothing to do with anything or whatever failure you’re going through.

The good news is that you can change all of that.


The thing about success or the idea of it, has been confused thanks to ’10 Ways’ or ‘ 5 Ways Articles’. The aim of these “10 ways to succeed”, or “5 Ways To Be Rich”, “BITCOIN THIS” “BLOCK CHAIN THAT” articles were created so that you can spot a trail on a person’s life to improve yourself but unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore.

What is happening now is that people just copy and paste what others did to ‘make it’ happen and it’s not working. This is because it has nothing to do with for example; waking up at 4am every day, but it instead got everything to do with noticing what waking up at 4am everyday means: consistency, discipline and commitment.


The real question is, how then do you align yourself?

The real challenge lies in improving yourself. That’s how success is built, from the inside out. You need to clean up your acts, the way you see things and approach situations, you basically need a full 360 degree improvement, and only then, success will start chasing you.

I’ll break down a few of these improvements but the rest is upto you. You know what needs to be done and how, but remember. It’s not your company, your degree or the economy that has a problem.

Everything you need starts with you.



People work and hire people who they like. Always remember that. Be likable


Effortlessly learn how to deliver ideas, messages or whatever it is you are getting into


Clean up! Seriously cut the fuck boy haircut if you want to be taken serious. Yes, you want to be you like my brother says “This is earth.”, the impression you give us is what we make if you.


Very important, your degree is not enough. What do you know or can do? What are you bringing to the table, people just don’t invest in you, and you have to give them something.

​Everything else is on you. But please. Improve. Every day.


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With over 7 years industry experience, from agency, to production of visual media to broadcast – Nelson is constantly striving to enforce a high quality approach to business and how we influence people.

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